About Our Jewelry

Before Placing an Order

We recommend viewing our sending inclusions page prior to placing your order. Additionally, if you plan to purchase a ring, please determine your ring size by heading to your local jeweler to get sized. It is a complimentary service. Due to the resin stone inside the ring, the band cannot be re-sized. We do not recommend getting sized during pregnancy or the early postpartum period, as the body is going through constant changes during this delicate time.  

After your purchase and upon receipt of your inclusions, your memories are meticulously organized in the order they are received. 


Preservation & Resin Stone Process

After receiving breastmilk, we first need to preserve it into a powder form. The preservation process is quite extensive, which is what typically affects our turnaround time the most. The process has many detailed steps to ensure the milk in your stone will never become yellow (moldy).

Once preservation is complete, we artistically combine your milk with our high quality jewelers resin to create the beautiful stones you see in our jewelry. The stones then need significant time to cure and harden before we can place them into our custom jewelry.

All inclusions other than breastmilk require no preservation process and are ready for us to carefully craft into our jewelers resin. We organize and keep all leftover inclusions safe for future orders, except ashes -- which will be sent back to you with your final piece.  


Jewelry Making Process

Each and every piece of jewelry is hand made by us! The process of metal-smithing involves custom making each ring band, prepping the metals, soldering all metal joints (yes, we play with fire), cleaning and polishing the piece, and finally setting the stone to complete your jewelry.

Every piece is truly one of a kind. Please understand that due to the handmade charm of our jewelry items, minor imperfections are to be expected and appreciated. 

Currently, we are creating pieces with sterling silver or 14k gold fill, but hope to expand our metal offerings as we grow. For more information on gold fill, see our FAQ page.


Anticipating Your Memories

Once your jewelry is complete, your order will be photographed for use on our website and social media outlets.

Your pieces will then will be thoughtfully packaged by us, with cleaning cloths and complete care and storage instructions. 

The package will be sent via UPS free of charge to you. You will receive both shipping and delivery confirmation emails!


Receiving Your Jewelry

Open your package and admire your precious memories! Take a moment to really feel and reminisce what the keepsake means to you. 

If you are overjoyed with your experience with us and the jewelry purchase, as a new small business, we would be ecstatic for you to share about us on your social media -- Please make sure to tag us @onyxandalabasterco!

If you have questions or concerns about your purchase, please contact us!