We are Cheyenne and Danica, the owners, artists, and best friends behind Onyx & Alabaster. We met at work as postpartum nurses 4 years ago, and have been inseparable ever since (ask anyone we work with, they get us mixed up daily!). We are so happy and thankful that our paths crossed, as our lives would be very different without each other. Our similar interests randomly led us to a metalsmithing hobby and we liked it so much that we both ended up with our own little home studios.

We had been planning on taking a lapidary course to learn to cut and shape our own stones, but instead, we started experimenting with making resin stones, adding a variety of inclusions. After Cheyenne’s sentimental breastfeeding journey with her daughter, we invested significant time researching and experimenting with preserving breastmilk. With Danica’s tasteful attention to detail and Cheyenne’s nurturing and loving mama heart, Onyx & Alabaster was born.

Hi, I’m Cheyenne! I’m a wife, toddler mama, nurse, and now -- an artist with a business! Creating is my comfort zone. I also dabble in photography, hand and machine embroidery (thanks Mom), and sewing. Metalsmithing became the unexpected hobby that helped me find myself again after getting lost in early motherhood. The time to myself to learn, practice, and play was a big win for my emotional health as a new mom. After my own breastfeeding journey with my daughter, I know what a treasure it is to keep a memory like that at your fingertips. What an honor to be able to provide that for others with our custom keepsake jewelry!

Hi, I’m Danica! I am a registered nurse, wife, fur-mama, and small business owner. I have a passion for holistic wellness, traveling and creating (whether that be making jewelry, home-brewing kombucha, gardening, or anything in between!) I’m in love with moving my body, being outdoors, and supervising my husband during house projects. I am thrilled for the opportunity to help you tell your life stories through our beautiful jewelry.