How do I care for my jewelry?

Upon receipt of our keepsake pieces, you will receive detailed instructions on how to properly care for your jewelry. We also include cleaning cloths to ensure that you are prepared on day one to keep your memories pristine. 

Although your stone is made from very durable jewelers resin, we still insist you take special care of your jewelry. You should remove your jewelry before you are exposed to extreme heat such as saunas / shower / hot tub. When wearing your pieces, you should also avoid direct exposure to harsh soaps, sanitizers, and chemicals that could dull the resin finish. 


What is the process of sending my inclusions?

After your purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email that includes the address you will send your inclusions to.

You will send your inclusions in a bubble mailer keeping in mind the guidelines mentioned here

You will be responsible for shipping when you send inclusions to us and we cover the shipping of your jewelry to you.


How much milk/ashes/flowers/etc do you need?

Please see our Sending Inclusions page.


Can my milk be old or frozen?

Yes! There is no difference in the final resin stone whether we use fresh, old, or frozen milk. Nor does it have to remain cold in transit to us. It all works the same  -- easy for you and us!


Can I use pet ashes?

Absolutely. Pets are part of our family, too! You can use pet ashes or human ashes. Either will be beautiful in our stones. 


What is gold filled?

Gold filled is a step down from solid gold. Gold filled is a pressure bonded layer of gold over a base metal that has 100 times more gold than gold plated jewelry. It is very durable, tarnish resistant, will not chip or flake, and is a great alternative to solid gold jewelry without the price tag. It is a great option for sensitive skin. It looks beautiful and has a finish that will last a lifetime if cared for properly. 


How do I figure out my ring size?

First decide which finger you would like to wear your ring. Then head to your local jewelry store and ask them to size you. This is a complementary service. We don't recommend sizing your finger during pregnancy or the early postpartum period, as the body is going through constant changes during this delicate time.  


Are you taking any custom orders?

Unfortunately no, we do not at this time! 


What is the turnaround time to receive my jewelry?

Our turnaround time can vary but is typically 8-12 weeks. View our Turnaround Time page for the most up to date estimates. 

Turnaround time begins when your inclusions are received to our mailbox.